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Latest Version 3.0.1
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Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On October 11, 2021
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Introduction App

Game Booster 4X Speeder Pro is the top booster and support software for games and GFX across the globe. It provides users with a range of distinctive and appealing features that help users to play the game without a hitch and not interrupted regardless of the cause. If you want to experience an enjoyable and thrilling game, download the app now!

Game Booster 4x Faster Pro Mod Apk - App ScreenshotGame Booster 4x Faster Pro Mod Apk – App Screenshot

Manage and track the device’s the performance of the system

This application lets you control all tasks on your device, and monitor the performance in the most precise and clear manner. In addition, you can frequently test the stability of the system and keep it in permanent preservation and safeguard it to prevent unanticipated problems, which can cause interruptions to the game. Additionally, if you are in a dire situation you must find the mistake and correct it the right way.

Incredible Quality Of Images

With this program it allows you to play the game by playing it with a variety of stunningly high-quality and HD images that make players feel extremely enthusiastic and exuberant. In addition, it also offers the game with new visual effects. Every development is unique in its aesthetic, which is why it has drawn a lot of attention and left a lasting impression on everyone’s mind.

Freely Install And Customize Your Game

With the help of this application, you’ll be able to manually install the entire system and modify the appearance of the graphics. In addition, the rapid start and speed boost capabilities will always be useful and aid you in the process of launching games and boost every character’s operational speed. The app gives you the chance to play games more quickly and more fluidly.

Secure Your Account

There is no need to be concerned when you log into your account and revealing your personal details in this application. Since this application that ensures that privacy is protected in the most effective way and has been praised by a lot of users. Personal information is stored in a separate location which is totally safe; only you will be able to access it. Furthermore, the application assures you that there are no worse-case scenarios. Therefore, you are able to log in with confidence and make use of it more easily.

Is a modern and popular App

It is said that the need for gaming by players today is growing every day. To be able to fully enjoy gaming it is essential to utilize this app. It is a modern application that provides players with stunning conditions. It is slowly becoming recognized and trusted by numerous players. Many have been impressed by its capabilities, and are pleased with the attention to detail this app brings.

Everyone loves that this app is completely free to download, and you don’t have to buy the license or anything else. Additionally, it is accessible to anyone so it is a passion and desire to play an enjoyable experience you are eligible to play. Share and suggest this app to people who are around to enjoy the most smooth and vivid games screens. The most exciting part is that you could be the most inventive user, and be able to make the most of the possibilities this application offers.

App Features

  • Enhance the performance of your device with just one swipe.
  • It is Most Advanced Game Booster for improving your the gaming experience.
  • Auto Gaming Mode

Game Turbo

  • The RAM-Free Tweak will be used
  • Utilize AI to improve your game
  • HDR image quality and special effects when gaming
  • Giving the experience a smooth and rich
  • The device is boosted to meet benchmarks and intense gaming
  • System Performance Tuner: Monitors the system’s performance, and checks for stability in the system, and correct diverse issues

GFX Tool

  • 1080 Resolution Set the Resolution of your game.
  • HDR Game Graphic unlock the HDR graphics on lower end devices.
  • Extreme FPS You can unlock this level. Extreme FPS Level.
  • Style: Modify the graphic style setting.

HUD Monitor

  • Storage Load
  • Network Latency

Zero Lag Mode

  • Optimized game configuration using performance.
  • Hardware-Accelerated Rendering: Allow the support of VULKAN along with OPENGL 3.1plus.
  • The Graphics rendering level: Improve your graphics’ quality.
  • GPU Optimization Individualized OpenGL shaders.

Other Features

  • Gaming Settings System-wide settings.
  • Quick Boost: Increase the speed of your game.
  • Quick Launch: Quickly start your game.


  • Get the highest fps through this app. There is no heating on all devices!
  • No heat for 801 snapdragon!
  • Reduce the load on the CPU !
  • Your account is 100% SAFE with this app!
  • 100% Guaranteed No Bad will happen . You can use This app at no cost.

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Reviews Of App

LastHope Gaming: This app is excellent I recommend this app to mobile gamers using low-end devices. I’ve played Call of Duty Mobile smoothly using this app, and I have had a personal experience with this application. If you download it, you won’t regret it. Don’t be irritated by the advertisements.

Reynold Caminero: It’s a nice application, it’s working on my Android phone to speed up my gaming on mobiles and will reduce lag when I’m playing a game…

The Matrix: Game booster is unique and different from any different game booster. It has an ultra boost that boosts the games that you can lay out. However, there is no game launcher yet.

Talha Mustafa: The best game I’ve played on asphalt 9 was so slow however, I then downloaded this app and it worked excellent with my games no longer crashing and lagged. it was a wonderful experience. I loved the app a lot. Thank you for creating a fantastic application

Riaz Abdulkarim: My experiences were amazing because this game booster lets me play my games whenever I want, and there are no issues with lag.

Download Game Booster 4x Faster Free - GFX Tool Bug Lag Fix latest versions for Android

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