Publisher GOAT Games,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 2.9.0
Size 305MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On December 2, 2021
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Dragon Storm Fantasy Introduction

Dragon Storm Fantasy APK is an RPG game from the publisher of GOAT games. In the game, you play as a Dragon Warrior with many magical abilities, caught up in an endless adventure, where many dark forces are waiting.

There is no end to the adventure and gaming possibilities.

When it comes to adventure role-playing games, one of the biggest fears players have is that the adventure is too short and the game ends when they feel nothing. Dragon Storm Fantasy APK is a role-playing game that will help you overcome this fear. The game is an endless adventure that will never end and no return. Your character will continue to rise with each step, until you are tired or stop.

Dragon-Storm-Fantasy-4Dragon Storm Fantasy APK – Gameplay Screenshot

It is easy to follow. The game features you as a Dragon Warrior with many special abilities. You have a great responsibility to protect the world from the evil forces that threaten it. Although the story itself is fascinating, the best part of the game’s storytelling is the way it makes you want to go deeper.

Dragon Warrior refers to a character who can take on two forms, Dragon or Human. Flexibly switching between these two forms allows you to battle bosses in Dragon form. It only takes 15 seconds cooldown.Linear narratives are like a novel. The player can’t interfere with the story. But you can only become a part of the world and immerse oneself in it. The good point is you do not know what’s ahead, what is waiting for you. The good news is that the novel is excellent and does not repeat itself even if it is re-read from the beginning.

Dragon Warrior is cool. There are too many angles to exploit

There are seven different Dragon forms to choose from, each with its own strength or combat ability. The bottom line is that each boss will require you to choose the correct Dragon form to defeat them. This tactical aspect makes the game stand out from other RPGs.


Yet, tactical requirements are not only high for diverse Dragon models but also first-origin options. Choose from Warrior, Mage or Archer as your main character. Each system has its own strengths and abilities and can carry 7 Dragon forms. There are seven types of Dragon: Ice Dragon, Fire Dragon, Light Dragon, Dark Dragon, Time Dragon, and a Space Dragon. These seven dragons are representative of the 7 elements that make up heaven and earth. Each one has its own fighting ability, strength, and defense.

Easy control, attractive gameplay

Dragon Storm Fantasy APK is quite generous to the player when it comes to simple gameplay, with just one-touch, two-touch operation to control the character’s movement, transformation and ability. Every battle is a test of your thinking, vision, and strategy.

It is very easy to operate, but you can quickly level up. This allows the game to move at a faster pace, making it more exciting and attractive. You also get more fighting dynamics as your character changes hourly. You get more than just yourself with each upgrade. Other great benefits include Companions and Mounts, Divine Dragon, and the forge, where you can trade or craft a new weapon.

Dragon Storm Fantasy offers rich game modes

You can play completely alone with the AI from start to finish. However, if you are looking for important scenes (which are predicted to have a World Boss), I suggest that you go to the menu and find the Dragon Storm Fantasy APK online community to find allies. All players get a reward after the match.

You can play the AI mode to challenge the boss. The Battle mode allows you to choose to battle with other players in one or multiple servers.

Dragon Storm Fantasy APK offers a resting option. After you choose this mode, you can take a break and the AI auto-attack feature (AFK), will help you continue fighting and collecting items. However, medium mode is limited and you won’t get as many items.

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Main Features

Intense Cross-server Battles

  • Arcus is constantly in battle It is always in need of more heroes! Join the fray in World vs World, Server vs Server, and 10,000 vs 10,000 player battles or play solo in survival arenas!Take up arms and fight! You will be able to experience the “World class, cross server Battle”, where the fighting never stops!

Call Your Divine Dragon

  • You can unlock amazing Divine Dragons that will enhance your fighting power. This innovative gameplay is a must-try. Use the Divine Dragons to increase your power – You will be able to take on the shape of a giant Dragon and destroy anyone who stands in your way.

Earn When You Rest

  • DSF will take care of your needs. Get rich resources even when you’re not online. You can easily stay competitive in the game even if you’re not online 24/7. It’s easy to upgrade with the offline benefits. When players are offline, they can enter meditation to automatically receive loads of EXP.

Enjoy Real Fun In Free Trade

  • DSF launched a strong and free trading system that allows players to trade their in-game equipment across all servers. The Auction House will manage the items offline, rather than players waiting online. It’s an excellent trading system that allows players from all over the world to trade freely between servers.

Master Your Talent And Skill

  • Awakening will bring you more talent skills and beautiful high-ranking gear. You can assign talent skills and get new talent skill upgrades to help you create more PVP strategies.

Race For World-class Bosses

  • For rich loot, XP and special treasure drops, you can take down dozens of world-class bosses! All the bosses’ items can be yours!

Make Allies Wide

  • Gather your friends to challenge some of the hardest world bosses you’ve ever faced. You’ll be pushed to your limits to tackle these powerful foes, but with great risk comes great rewards. Let’s fight for guild glory!

Dragon Storm Fantasy Reviews

Sharqk Yetti: The graphics and role playing are my favorite. Played for about a year. You can reap the rewards, but they could do with a refresh every other month. The same thing for the feast, ect. It could use some refreshment, too. All that play would be grateful if it was possible.

Ionutlucian Toma: This is a game that’s worth playing. Take it seriously! It does not matter if the player pays or not. It has options for both types of players. I am not a pay-as-you-go player. I usually pay the first top-up for a good start. Because that’s what it really is worth to me. The rest of the world can be crazy…

Starlet Ferocity: Lucas stated that some packages are misleading (I discovered the hard way )…). So be careful. Autoplay is something I enjoy. I can easily watch television. I can watch t.v. and still play the game. It is very attractive and does not seem to have bugs.

Armand A: The story is told in voice narration, so you can relax. The immersive experience is enhanced by the fact that every character can speak their dialogue clearly. It is great to just relax and watch the battles without stress. You can manually upgrade skills, weapons/armor and dragons. You can also watch your progress in auto-battle. A+ Do…

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