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Updated On December 2, 2021
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Frostborn Introduction

Myths stories

If you’ve ever seen the movie Thor: Ragnarok, you’ll feel familiar with the game’s stories. Frostborn APK is set in Ingart – a land of Northern Europe, the land of myths and Viking warriors. Before being destroyed by monsters, it was a beautiful place.

Frostborn-2Frostborn APK – Gameplay Screenshot

After thousands of years in prison under Helheim, Hela, the daughter and granddaughter of King Odin is released. Her father had retaliated by opening the gate to the underworld. This caused a split between the worlds of gods, and people. The monsters were then released and attacked the human realm. The Viking warriors of the Viking age gathered to defeat the monsters, bring them back to hell, and protect Ingard from evil. Thor and Odin will honor the best warriors.

Fight for your survival

You are a Viking warlord. You wake up in the aftermath of the destruction of the entire kingdom by legendary monsters and zombies. It is your job to protect and defend innocent people. You must first keep your own life.

Your first enemy is hunger. You don’t have clothes, weapons, family members, or friends. Find what you need to survive. From food and water to things like knives, axes, … Frostborn’s environment is very harsh with low temperatures, so you need to make clothes from the trunk or skin of animals. Your health is important. Keep it in good condition. You can easily die if your health index drops too low.


A warrior needs armor and weapons. For fighting carnivores and monsters, you can make powerful weapons. After having your weapons, don’t forget to upgrade them when you have enough required material.

This game is very flexible. There are many mysteries in this game’s open world that you can discover.

Co-op mode for 4 players

Without the war, the life of a Viking soldier will be boring. You will encounter dangerous monsters and a swarm zombies on your journey. You are not alone, as there are other players online who share the same journey. A team can be formed with as many as 4 players to fight the zombies and defend the kingdom.

True friends can be found on the battlefield. Be careful. All players are not equal. They might want to take your resources or attack you.


Beautiful, ancient Scandinavian scenery

Frostborn APK will provide the most immersive visual experience. In my opinion, Frostborn APK is graphics are better than Last Day On Earth – one of the top mobile survival games. Beautiful scenes of ancient Scandinavian scenery look almost like a movie set. It’s even more beautiful than I imagined when reading myths.

From characters, snow, trees, … everything in the game is described in great detail and realistic. You will also feel a lot of fear and drama in the dark and devastation world. With a top-down view, you can observe what’s happening and easily adapt to any situation.

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Main Features

Together with your friends, conquer the forces of the gods and face the army of the dead. Build a new capital city from scratch to make the lands of the Vikings great again. Then, set off for treasures or new victories to unexplored shores. Frostborn APK is an online survival RPG that offers all this and more.

The world was plunged into darkness

  • The wilds of Midgard are home to the dead. This is all due to Hel, the goddess. In just 15 days, she cursed these lands using her black magic. Now, she wants the kingdom of living to be enslaved!

Death is no more

  • You are the valiant Jarl of northern warriors, immortal and able to withstand death. Healers and shamans shrug their shoulders and don’t understand why this is happening. There is only one option, however. Arm yourself and send those of darkness back home to Helheim.

There is no such thing as an island.

  • Frostborn is a cooperative survival game with MMORPG components. Build a strong base with other Vikings, face the creatures hiding among the shadows or in the shrines. Fight other players in raids and random encounters at various locations and dungeons.

You can choose to be a berserk, mage, or assassin.

  • You can choose from more than a dozen RPG-style classes to suit your needs. Do you prefer heavy armor or face-to-face combat? You have the option to choose from Protector, Berserk and Thrasher. Do you prefer to shoot arrows from far away and keep your distance? We are your Pathfinder, Sharpshooter and Hunter! Are you one among those who hide behind the shadows, and then stab in the back. Consider becoming a Bandit.
  • Robbery or assassination! Plus, there’s more!

You can win at any cost

  • You can trade with other players, or assassinate them wild in Midgard. Befriend another family to make peace and help each other in the raid. Or, betray their trust and share their secrets with others for resources. The old order is gone, these are wild lands in which the strongest survive.

You can plow your way to Valhalla

  • You can use the crafting system found in real MMORPGs in order to get all the items you need to defeat Hel’s dark magic. Strong walls, delicious food, magic potions, deadly traps, powerful weapons, and legendary armor make for strong walls. You can even build your own drakkar and raid foreign kingdoms!

Create your city

  • You will need to rebuild and improve your city’s infrastructure, including strong walls and spacious houses as well as artisan shops. It will take a lot of work to build a city that is worthy of your attention. To fight for your place in the sun in a world of black magic, you must join forces with other Vikings as well as the residents of your city.

Underground is dark.

  • Explore the ancient sanctuaries for the gods. You will encounter the most powerful dead and monsters afraid of sunlight. Get legendary artifacts. Find out why the gods have left this world.

Frostborn Reviews

Google user: This game is my favorite, you may ask. There are many reasons to love this game. 1. It protects your camp from other players at the beginning of the game. It is challenging and fun wherever you go. 3 You can form families. 4 Even in areas without P.V.P, you may still meet Dragrs, Wolfs and other …..

Thomas Arnardus: Wow! Keep updating, keffir Ddvelopers! This game is open-wordly and more fun than any other mobile game. You can do so many things and have endless co-op fun. I lost all my progress by playing it again, but it was worth it to start it over as a new…

Sacredomen: Although the game is great and you have plenty to do, I feel that they should include some kind of healing product that can be used to treat injuries quickly.

VirusDetech: It is by far the best game I’ve ever played. The graphics, hardcore, grindy, storyline and graphics are amazing. It is f2p, which means you can get anything you want. 5 star Gg

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