Happy Room: Log Mod Apk

Download Happy Room: Log Mod Apk 3.1 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Happy Room: Log APK for Android is an arcade game with realistic physics. Will invite players to a secret laboratory. And wait for you to discover these secrets.

The player meets the walls of this institution. Users will be able to perform different tests. With all types of weapons: cannons, lasers, missiles, electricity, bombs and other dangerous debris.

The experiments will be performed on the logs, so no organisms will be injured during the experiment. Throughout the levels, players will have access to new equipment and various improvements.

Will you destroy the test object using all the available arsenal? Here are a bunch of different weapons waiting to be used for the most crafty purposes! Melee combat, energy, guns and even a black hole.

Happy Room: Log for Android are experimental objects that are also artificially cultured characters. So whatever it is, get your feet on the table and don’t worry about one thing. For your nerves, go to the lab!

03VUovC - Happy Room: Log 3.1 (Unlimited Money)Happy Room: Log APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Ideas are not limited
  • The most vivid graphics and sound
  • Game your way

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Reviews Of Game

Keri MeyerL: I love the PC version of the game. So when I saw it on the app store, I got really excited. I must say, challenge in bringing this game. Going to mobile and avoiding the mouse must be very big. But the challenge was met well and U.I. Continue to improve with each update. Best compliment I can give to this game. I played it on my phone while sitting at the computer desk. Developers, PLEASE continue to add interesting content to this game. It is super fun and entertaining.

Melissa Carter: Great game. In the end, it gets a little tricky. I have no idea lol. Controls are good unlike some reviewers say. Accuracy is pretty good once you learn how to use it properly. The game is really fun. Like people who cry about Ads. Ever thought about getting paid Devs? You get something for free, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. Get used to that. Or take some alternative ATM solutions. You can remove ads for free. Get unlimited free trials.

Meg Krafka: Really like the PC version of this version. And nice to see it on mobile! Also, I just wanted to ask, you said that the google play policy does not allow duplication. But there are other games with the same premise on google play that can use ragdoll. Maybe there is an option for an ACTUAL ragdoll? Just like without fabric, no skin color without such things. To demonstrate to some people want to see ragdoll physics as in PC version.

Bloodstar XD: Really love the game. You can add a lot of weapons and areas to place them. Just like other charecters. Has special powers to do other things (fly, power up weapons, etc.). And you can create zone boxes for items that are equal to the item’s size. Not around it so you can touch the weapon. I feel like you can put more weapons. Enter the scene if that changes. But if not then I love the game. Keep up with good job developers.