Publisher HOUND 13,
Category Action,
Latest Version 3.85.0
Size 95MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 5.1+
Updated On December 3, 2021
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Hundred Soul Introduction

Hundred Soul APK, a traditional role-playing game for mobile devices. When you step into the game, everything that appears before your eyes is a vast, majestic world that you can only see in fantasy films.

Unity graphics technology: The power of Unity graphics

Hundred Soul’s first images have made viewers astonished by the stunning visual quality of every detail. The game’s images are rendered using advanced Unity graphics technology. They look just as real as the one on PC and Console. The vast, magnificent world you see when you enter the game is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in fantasy movies.

Hundred-Soul-2Hundred Soul APK – Gameplay Screenshot

It has a very powerful effect, and is perhaps one of the best role-playing games in Korea. Characters can move freely. Sometimes, they can jump up to slay their enemies or plunge their sword in giant monsters before riding on them. The game offers a camera adjustment function that allows you to change the view of your character. These features bring you the best mobile image experience.

Action gameplay that is fast-paced

There are many similarities in the gameplay between Hundred Souls APK and Dragon Nest. There are very few things to consider. All the players have to do is move around, control their character, and defeat all of their opponents. You can identify the weaknesses of giant monsters while fighting and use them to your advantage to defeat them quickly. In-game images can be viewed in the most space possible thanks to the simple controls. These are the basics you should know:

  • Left virtual key: Allows you to move characters like in other role-playing mobile
  • Virtual attack: Uses weapons to attack enemies and causes physical damage.
  • Three virtual keys correspond with three character skills.

Hundred Soul APK is a unique game that allows you to control two characters at once, but only one. You can control one character and the enemy will fight for you. You can switch between characters at will. This can be useful, especially if your character is waiting for a cooldown. Combining these two characters will give you unstoppable power.

Hundred Soul APK is fast pace makes it difficult to keep up with the enemy. Don’t be afraid! Your sword can be used to reach enemies in waiting and teach them a lesson. By hitting the correct attack every time, you’ll gain combo points which will quickly increase your damage.


Heroes system

There are only a few heroes in Hundred Soul at this time. Each hero is a different type of hero, including Assassin, Fighter, Wizard, Archer, Archer and Assassin. These classes correspond to different skills. Each hero is equipped with a different weapon. However, you can upgrade and change it as you unlock new ones. You will find many hidden treasures along your journey. Do not miss them.

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Main Features

Beginning of Action Theories of Relativity

  • Experience the real action that takes advantage of different combinations of equipment
    and fellows relative to your enemy’s characteristics and vulnerabilities to attack them.
  • Your choice decides your action.
    Enjoy Hundred Soul Packed with thrilling actions and battles.

All about action. #100 Action Theories of Relativity

  • Action is relative.
  • Examine the essence of action through 100 Action Theories of Relativity in Hundred Soul.

Action Theory #1. Your equipment selection decides the action
– Try various battle styles utilizing up to 100 of diverse equipment.

Action Theory #2. Your fellow selection decided the action.
– Fellow is your comrade in the battlefield. Each fellow has different abilities and react differently to particular situations.

Action Theory #3. Your control skill decides the action.
– Action starts with your control. The best way to overcome extreme situations is using your control skill.

Action Theory #4. Timing decides the action.
– Chances are hard to come by. Pay attention to timing and don’t miss the decisive moment.

Action Theory #5. Your enemy’s behavior decides the action.
– Observe enemy behavior. Watch for a chance and deliver critical damage to your enemy.

Appealing Graphics

  • See the realistic graphics pushed to the limit of Unity Engine.
  • Experience the world of Hundred Soul filled with tenaciously detailed graphics,
    exquisite character motions, and dynamic visual directing.

Hundred Soul Reviews

Extreme Drazeros: Hey there, there’s a new update for the game but if i press to update it directs me to this page but i see no update button please

Goshinn: First, let me say a big thank you to you for being bold and not pampered with a simple introduction to the game. This allows players to have a better idea of what combat is like, and it’s fun from the beginning. These kinds of action combat mobile games…

Eric: While it is still a very new game, I am extremely impressed by the speed at which it runs on both my phone and tab. It has its problems, but it isn’t too annoying. However, I have a problem with Pandora creation. Every time I create it sends me numbers such as a code number or a message telling me that the game is not available.

Fahmi daniel: Many people believe that this game is bad because it has bugs since the last update. I think this game is great. It all depends on how you plan to equip your equipment or fight bosses. This guide will show you how to defeat the bosses. Only you can understand…

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