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Updated On December 3, 2021
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Last Shelter: Survival Introduction

Last Shelter: Survival APK is inspired by the post-apocalyptic Zombie pandemic world. And you play as one of the leaders of this secluded residence for the survivors. The fight day by day, hour by hour continuously happened, tense and painful.

The world may be in ruins but there is still some safety.

Last Shelter: Survival’s opening is a reenactment a few short films about the past of humanity and the world. The pandemic that struck humanity caused a mass collapse of the world and a spread of a deadly virus. The virus causes people to become extremely ferocious and lose their minds. When they die, they turn into zombies walking at high speed. They will bite any warm-blooded animal on the planet, including humans.


Last Shelter: Survival is the game that says it all. Humans have managed to find antibodies and inject them into survivors. All went to seek shelter from the rest of the world that has been destroyed by zombies. That is “The Last Shelter”. Your mission is to work with other skilled leaders to make this wilderness a safe place for people to survive and thrive in the aftermath of a pandemic.

Be vigilant against external and internal enemies

You play the role of a leader in the city. This desert of life is home to many cities and thousands of leaders. Each shelter city is divided into several states that are managed by different leaders.

States can also link up through the Clash of Zones(COZ) system. The system will automatically group you together if you play online alongside other players. However, the states can easily connect and communicate with one another without any difficulties. Last Shelter also has a significant advantage over other games of its genre.


You must be aware of your enemies, both inside and outside. Outside, there are thousands of zombies trying to infiltrate shelters and bite humans. Every day, there is internal fighting between states and cities. But don’t because those battles make you forget your main mission. The game emphasizes the importance of building the city, and finding ways to keep it strong and resilient.

Your job is to build.

The first is Resources. Last Shelter has many resources, including food, water, fuel, electricity, wood, iron. It is important to locate the right resources, exploit them, then create clever combinations to save people and money.

Last Shelter: Survival’s main actions are to think, select and drag the objects. Building roads is one example of how to start a new city. You will require Water, Fuel, Iron, and Lumber. Commander will provide you with reports on the use of resources along the way. This allows you to plan your next strategy. You will need to select trucks and other tools to reach the extraction point if you run out resources.


Your interactions with in-game systems are primarily through resource choice, machine tools, usage balancing, and machine tools. Machine tools and people are what we’re referring to. Without these two things, no matter how much resources you have in your hand or have a lot of money, it’s useless. It will take your capital to hire workers, and to purchase the necessary machinery tools to complete the construction project. To save money and your resources, think carefully.

You will eventually need money. You will be “supported” by the system for a sizable amount of money before you get started. You can then use that capital to help you think about how to start a business and exchange, buy, or sell with leaders from the same state. This money will be used for hiring people and buying things to help you in difficult times.

The remaining 20% is dedicated to fighting

A strong military is essential to protect your city and make it resilient in an apocalyptic future. The content above makes it clear that the military will be used to fight zombie wars and civil wars between states/cities. There are currently three major armies in the game: Fight, Shoot, and Vehicle.

You can command, organize, recruit, and train all three types of soldiers. You will be able to collect loot and new soldiers after each battle. Fighting is a quick way to get items. Many city factions will be aggressive in their pursuit of other resources. These parties are dangerous and you should be wary.

You should consider hiring good commanders when the armies that you have trained are mature. Then you can continue building the city. Heroes will be made of great generals.

Last-Shelter-Survival-5Last Shelter: Survival APK – Gameplay Screenshot

These Heroes will engage in intense battles. These battles often cause a lot damage to the trade or the construction process. It is important to avoid these battles in the first place.

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Main Features

  • Towers are the best way to exterminate zombies
    The gate is open for zombies! Use your secret weapon – the Defense Tower – to weather the crisis. Fortresses can be built and upgraded to destroy all of them. You are the last hope of survivors!
  • World Wide War
    Fight against enemies all over the world, lead your Empire into greatness, and fight until the end.
  • Realistic Graphics
    Every detail, from the units to maps to the heroes, seems completely real and gives you a post-apocalyptic experience.
  • Build Your Wasteland Empire
    Absolutely Free City Building, facilities upgrading, R&D, warrior and survivor training and powerful hero recruitment just for the sake of living a new day to conquer the new world!
  • Hero System
    There are tons of heroes who can help you, whether you enjoy attacking your enemies from far away, defending at close quarters or developing your base or farming.
  • Strategic Gameplay
    For this World War Z type of wasteland to be able to conquer one unit, the Warriors, Shooters, and Vehicles, you must know your enemy and yourself.
  • Alliance Warfare
    Your alliance will always back you up, regardless of whether you are fighting against other servers or for the title at home. As long as the right people are involved,

Last Shelter: Survival Reviews

Chris Manuel: A fascinating game that draws in the player. I enjoyed the game up to level 14. However, I think you will have to spend some money to keep up with higher levels. Time will tell. Now I’m level 25, and it is clear that you will need to spend quite a bit of money…

Fun and Fun: Hallo! I have been playing this game for over a year and can tell you that you don’t need to spend a cent. There are hourly events and Coz rewards. All you need is to learn how to play the game and be patient. Critique is easy, but learning it can be difficult.

AOE *: Trucks on attack should be able to divert and attack an alternative target also should be able to intercept and attack, helicopters should also be sble to drop soldiers on enemies to attack would make game more interesting….good game. There should be 3 farms and not too many alliances.

Victoria Puddles: I played for a year. This is not a fast storyline or a quick game. You will be here for quite some time. The game’s online community is fantastic. Make new friends from all corners of the globe.

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